What is KISS© / What is BESOS© ?

KISS© (Keeping it Senior Simple,) is a series of (3) books namely, the KISS© Guide, the KISS© Advocate Handbook and the KISS© Personal Matters Handbook. They teach Seniors how to maximize their health care coverage while saving them money and reducing their stress level.

In 2011 my wife and I relocated to a new state to be closer to our grandchildren. Our medicare (federal insurance plan) traveled with us. We had to enroll in a “New” Individual state Supplemental Insurance policy.

Immediately upon establishing residence, I needed a family doctor and a specialist. The diagnosis was colon cancer. Along with the stress of this diagnosis, I had to learn how to manage my healthcare in a poorly run system, that I was not familiar with and requires much patience.

Two years later after major surgery, I made a promise to God, that if he would allow me to have more time on earth, I would devote the balance of my life to helping my fellow Senior’s, by compiling and writing about these experiences in a series of (3) KISS© Health Care books.

The main focus of these books is to teach Senior’s how to navigate and manage their healthcare. A weekly BLOG will be available, to answer any questions from these books or your own health care.

Learn more the details of these books, including how you can purchase a hard copy or down-load copies. See how they help you save time, money, and reduce stress level , thus improving your overall health. This series of books is available in Spanish named BESO.

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